Badbury Rings

An iron age hill fort located less than 10 minutes drive from Old Red Lion House, Badbury Rings provides a super location to explore Britain’s history up close as well as a great spot for views across the surrounding countryside.

For the history buffs, the fort dates from the Iron Age (800BC to AD43) and is constructed on an earlier Bronze Age site (2200BC-800BC). It is believed to have belonged to an ancient Dorset tribe known as the ‘Durotriges’ who also constructed the famous site at Maiden Castle near Dorchester. If you are interested in this tribe, there is a book in the ground floor library about them.  Nearby the fort, the roman town of Vinocladia developed before disappearing with the passing of time to be replaced by the village of Shapwick.  The route of the roman road, which passes next to Badbury Rings, can still be made out.

The National Trust owns Badbury Rings and has a website describing a walk here.